Fintech Job: Chief Data and Analytics Advisor, CFTC


Apply now for an exciting opportunity at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in the Office of the Chairman. With an expanded mission and authority to include oversight of the swap markets, the CFTC continues to protect the American public by promoting market integrity, transparency and preventing and prosecuting fraud, manipulation and other abuse in the futures and options markets  
The Chief Data and Analytics Advisor (CDAA) recommends improvements to the agency’s data and analytics operations and infrastructure.  The incumbent works in close collaboration with the Chairman and CFTC’s relevant Divisions and Offices to recommend improvements through the exploitation of data and analytics in unique, cutting edge ways and devises strategies to align business and data analytics to maximize the value of CFTC’s investments. The incumbent is responsible for scoping and developing a modern data architecture/infrastructure and a data analytics and machine learning program for the agency. The incumbent makes recommendations to the Chairman on organizational strategy and structure for managing Commission data operations and implementation of complex data issues.
The CDAA must have the experience and skills required of a Computer Scientist to conduct data and analytical research and effect cost effective data solutions to develop new and improved concepts, principles and techniques that will adapt and apply advanced computer and data science methods and techniques to solve complex computer processing issues utilizing various computer systems, interfaces, and programming languages. 
The incumbent:
*Serves as an expert, consultant and advisor to the Chairman to assist in fulfilling the agency’s responsibilities for establishing and implementing an appropriate and effective enterprise data program to achieve CFTC mission goals and objectives.
*Conducts research and makes unprecedented developmental contributions to create and evolve agency data science initiatives to include related enabling infrastructure, including the coordination of an appropriately balanced pursuit of enterprise business, information, technical and solution viewpoints. 
To make these contributions, the incumbent must maintain state-of-the-art knowledge of computer science, data science, and its applications for business outcomes.
*Evaluates the Commission’s current data architecture/infrastructure and develops and recommends steps to be taken to modernize such infrastructure and operations, including associated data analytics and machine learning efforts and business intelligence that will provide substantive support to the operating divisions.
*Develops and recommends a modern, forward-facing organizational structure for data management within the Commission.
Recommends policies and procedures for functions and activities pertaining to the data program in compliance with federal law, regulations and best practices
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