Fintech Job: Deputy General Counsel, Bank for International Settlements


The BIS is seeking a deputy general counsel to provide appropriate advice on all legal matters relating to the Bank’s activities to the Board, Management, departments and services of the Bank, with a view to ensuring that the Bank acts with due respect for the rule of law at all times, developing appropriate legal structures to support the Bank’s operations, and assuring the provision of legal research and assistance to the central banking community.
Principal Responsibilities Include:
*Provides legal advice and guidance at all levels of the Bank in all matters concerning the legal structure and texts governing the Bank, its staff, and the conduct of its operations, with due regard for the Bank’s special status as an international organisation.
*Provides legal advice and assistance to prevent and, when necessary, defend and settle disputes and litigation involving the Bank and, where appropriate, retains and directs outside counsel in this connection.
*Establishes and/or maintains appropriate contact with public authorities and international institutions in Switzerland and in other countries regarding the status of the Bank and all legal matters relating to its activities.
*Participates in the activities of committees and working groups and conducts legal research in areas of interest to the Bank and to the central banking community..
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