Fintech Job: Head of Innovation Hub, Bank for International Settlements


 The BIS is seeking a new member of the Bank’s Executive Committee to develop and implement a strategy that advances the mission of the BIS Innovation Hub.  As Head of the Innovation Hub, the successful candidate for this position will  manage the selection and execution of projects across multiple locations (Hub Centres) with the aim of increasing knowledge in areas of critical interest to central banks and with a view towards the production of potential global public goods.
Principal Responsibilities Include:
*Lead efforts to scout new technologies and identify relevant projects that contribute to the mission of the Hub. Define the agenda for the Hub’s centres with the guidance of Board-level committees and the General Manager.
*Establish the Hub as a focal point for information exchange and knowledge sharing among central bank experts on innovation.
*Develop terms of reference for the operation of multiple Hub Centre locations, including the allocation of priorities to leverage the respective skill sets of each Centre and achieve synergies. Implement a rigorous performance-metrics management framework to evaluate progress against outcomes and facilitate strategic reprioritisation as necessary.
*Liaise with BIS committees, standard setting bodies, and the Financial Stability Board to ensure the complementarity of the work of the Hub with other efforts.
*Collaborate closely with host central banks and the Chief Representatives of BIS regional offices, to manage effectively the Hub’s operations across multiple Centres ensuring that they are adequately resourced, in support of projects and strategic activities being undertaken.
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