If You Are Interested, the FDIC is Looking to Hire Fintech Counsel

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is looking to boost its Fintech bench by hiring three individuals to help with legal issues regarding Fintech.

According to a post on USAJOBS, responsibilities include:

Analyzing and advising on the interpretation of statutes, common law, regulations, and legal considerations applicable to Fintech in the following subject areas: (1) U.S. banking law and regulations, and FDIC guidance, policies and procedures in that regard; and, particularly open bank legal issues intellectual property rights and liability, patent law, and particularly licensing arrangements; (2) FDIC corporate authorities and governance matters, and those involving procurement and information technology systems; (3) U.S. securities law; (4) international and foreign financial services law and regulatory frameworks; (5) general contract law, and specifically technology, software, and vendor contracts; (6) corporate and partnership law; and (7) mergers and acquisitions.

Areas of expertise include blockchain/DLT, including digital assets, payment systems, cloud, AI/Big data, Regtech/Suptech and how these services intertwine within the labyrinth of US law.

The three different positions are located each in the following cities: Washington, DC, San Francisco, and New York City.

The move should come as no surprise as most federal agencies have increased their staffing to deal with the rapid emergence of Fintech.

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