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Have Something Smart to Say? welcomes original submissions from researchers, regulators and market
participants to enhance the quality of the information shared with its readers. Most of our
contributors are seasoned professionals who seek to share their views with an audience of
highly thoughtful observers of fintech developments and financial regulatory policy.
However, newer and even entry-level professionals with fresh ideas and insight also
make contributions, and in the process help shape the site’s policy discussions. strives to make contributions impactful. Successful contributions are
not, as in the case on many websites, merely “posted” to the website. Many will have the
opportunity to grace the top of the homepage on the day of
publication. Furthermore, those that make especially insightful observations are also
promoted actively—and  reach thought leaders and officials around the world.

Written Features / Blog

Written work should be short, think around 500-1200 words. While authors can use a policy brief, law firm memo or law review article as a springboard for ideas, the content on this site is meant to be conversational, informal and quick and easy to read—but also creative and analytical. Think of targeting it to a sophisticated audience, but write as if you were explaining it to a relative or friend with no experience in the sector.


We suggest you utilize your firm or school’s in-house video production teams to assist, and to spend a half hour to make 2-to-3 videos at a time of 2-to-5 minutes in length. Again, these should be informal and conversational. Videos should always start with your name, affiliation, and reference to the site. An example: “Hi, I’m [name], a [lawyer at XYZ firm], for In this video, I want to talk about one of the most important aspects of crypto-policy, and a question I receive quite often: the relationship between ‘decentralization’ and the Howey test.”

Please send your submission to [email protected]. We cannot reply to all of the submissions we receive, though we will contact you within 24 hours if your submission has been accepted.

Contributor Agreement

As a Contributor, you allow Fintech Policy LLC (“Fintech Policy”) to publish original articles written by You (the “Posts”) or videos created by you (the “Videos”) on its website (“”), social media, in its newsletter and wherever Fintech Policy may choose. You grant Fintech Policy the non-exclusive, worldwide right to publish, syndicate, and distribute all or a portion of the Posts in any language, worldwide. You grant Fintech Policy the right to use Your name, likeness, information about You, and the logo of Your web site, if applicable, in connection with the Posts.

By submitting a post to, you represent and warrant that as a Contributor and true author of the content posted that you have the right to grant these rights; that the Posts and Videos are original; that they do not knowingly contain any untrue statements, invade any right of privacy, or infringe upon any statutory or common law copyright or otherwise violate the rights of any third party. You also agree to cooperate in the defense of any legal action brought against Fintech Policy LLC (“Fintech Policy”) and owner from the publication of the Posts.

Fintech Policy reserves the right to remove from any Posts that violate its publishing standards. Fintech Policy may illustrate the Posts. Contributor grants Fintech Policy the right to edit the Posts for publication. 

This agreement is governed by the laws of the state of New York.

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