State Street survey: 94% of big asset managers to invest in crypto by 2020

Large institutional investors aren’t just starting to get into digital assets, they’re already there, according to a survey by one of the biggest financial services firms in the United States. According to State Street Corporation, 94% of the 101 large asset managers and owners who responded said they either have digital assets under management or … Read more

Lawyers suing Craig Wright: Modern Consensus reporter Rick Rolled us

The lawyers suing Craig Wright for $3.6 billion just complained to a judge that a Modern Consensus reporter rickrolled them on Twitter. Seriously. As we reported, attorneys representing the brother of Wright’s late partner Dave Kleiman have been trying to subpoena a recording of Modern Consensus journalist Brendan Sullivan’s exclusive phone interview with Wright. It … Read more

Exclusive: Inside the fight The Block’s Mike Dudas picked with Cointelegraph

The feud-prone founder and CEO of cryptocurrency media site The Block has backed down from allegations that one of the largest news portals in the industry is guilty of “pay-to-play” journalism. In a Dec. 4 Twitter post, Mike Dudas called a newly announced partnership between Cointelegraph and a client “shady as hell.” The @mdudas post … Read more