MouseBelt Launches Blockchain Initiative Across Three UC Campuses

Blockchain accelerator MouseBelt has launched a blockchain education initiative at three UC universities. In a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 22, Mousebelt announced an initiative with UC Davis, UC Los Angeles and UC Santa Barbara to support blockchain-focused education, research, and entrepreneurship. Per the release, the firm will provide an initial donation to … Read more

Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Groundfloor Provides “Industry First” Giving Non Accredited Investors Access to Fractionalized Loans

Real estate investment platform Groundfloor has announced a new feature that the “wealthtech” company is claiming is an industry first. Groundfloor is now providing non-accredited investors access to fractionalized real estate loans so investors may better manage risk – something previously only available to accredited investors. These “split loans” are available to both small investors … Read more

PundiX’s Crypto Cash Registers Will Be Installed in 49 Retail Stores Across Venezuela

Venezuela’s largest department store will install blockchain-enabled cash registers in its 49 retail outlets. The megastore operator Traki announced August 22, it will integrate Singapore-based Pundi X’s point-of-sale device, XPOS, to offer a cryptocurrency payment rail for shoppers. Already available in 30 countries, Pundi aims to sell 100,000 XPOS devices by 2021. This is part … Read more

FomoHunt Becomes First Merchant to Accept Huobi Tokens as Payment

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi’s native Huobi Token (HT) is now available for making real-world online purchases of a wide range of products from the e-commerce platform FomoHunt. Per a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Aug. 22, users of HT can now purchase clothes, art, hardware and other products from the e-commerce and cryptocurrency industry news … Read more

Some Crypto-criminals Think Jumping Across Blockchains Covers Their Tracks. Big Mistake.

By now, savvy cryptocurrency users looking to cover their tracks are well aware that Bitcoin and blockchain systems like it are far from anonymous. Law enforcement officials can trace transactions and even identify who is making them. Some users believed they’d found a way around this. They thought investigators could only track transactions within blockchains, … Read more