Chinese Blockchain Conference Maligned Over Chairman Mao Actor

The 2018 Boao Asia Blockchain Conference, a Chinese blockchain conference, has triggered a wave of domestic criticism after organizers of the event intentionally hired an actor to impersonate the late Chinese leader Chairman Mao Zedong, founding father of the People’s Republic of China. The organizers have since apologized for the culturally taboo promotional stunt. Also … Read more

Bitcoin Price Uncertainty: Will There Be a Recovery After All?

The bitcoin price continues going lateral under Fibonacci´s thumb. Thus, it seems like the rally we hoped for may be much further out. Also read: Crypto Market Cap Down $150 Billion from May’s High Join the Bitsonline Telegram channel to get the latest Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and tech news updates: Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis Long-Term Analysis A lateral sideways … Read more

Bank of England Not Against the Idea of a Central Bank Digital Currency

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has been opposed to digital currencies in the past, but it appears he’s having a change of heart. The head of Britain’s central bank recently announced he’s not against the idea of a central bank-backed cryptocurrency, and says the British economy is undergoing necessary “improvements.” Also see: Poloniex Catching … Read more

Apple’s Macs Fall Prey to New Crypto Mining Attack

According to American Internet Security company Malwarebytes Inc., a recently discovered malicious XMRig-based crypto mining program is targeting Apple’s Mac computers by leeching their computing resources to mine Monero cryptocurrency. The good news is it is very easy to boot the malware out from the infected system. Also see: Poloniex Catching Heat in Crypto Space for … Read more

Niall Ferguson Tells Bank of England Bitcoin Is Financial System of the Future

Central bankers are being warned by researchers that the crypto revolution will overtake the system they are in-charge of preserving. Recently, British economic historian and author Niall Ferguson told the Bank of England that Bitcoin is the financial system of the future. Also Read: This Week in Bitcoin: McAfee’s Bullish Prediction and a Guy Living … Read more

Got 1 BTC? Another Japanese Exchange Wants to Borrow Your Cryptocurrencies

Another government-approved Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has launched a program to borrow cryptocurrencies from its members. The exchange seeks to borrow 1 BTC or more. Initially, only BTC will be borrowed, but the exchange plans to add other cryptocurrencies including BCH, XRP, ETH, and LTC. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Bitbank Will … Read more