Coin Center Travel Series: Lisbon, Portugal

A fledgling cryptocurrency community takes root in a former hub of globalization This is the second installment of Coin Center’s multi-part travel series examining how cryptocurrency is used around the world. A lot of time has passed since Portugal’s Age of Discovery. Over five hundred years ago, caravels and explorers would depart from Lisbon’s harbor. Chasing riches … Read more

Spanish Ruling Party Proposes to Use Blockchain in Country’s Administration

A group of 133 deputies from Partido Popular have proposed to use blockchain in the country’s public administration. 133 deputies from the Spanish ruling party, Partido Popular, have proposed a bill to use blockchain in the public administration of Spain, CriptoNoticias reports Saturday, June 30. The bill was introduced to the Spanish Congress on June … Read more

Expedia Drops Bitcoin Payments, Official Confirms

Travel booking platform Expedia has stopped accepting bitcoin (BTC). A company representative confirmed the policy change, while stating that various payment options are being continuously evaluated without elaborating on the details. Expedia has been supporting bitcoin payments since 2014.  Also read: Russian Railways Eyes Crypto for Tickets, Blockchain for Cargo Expedia Confirms Suspension of BTC … Read more

VeChain Thor Blockchain Launches, Token Swap to Take Place Mid-July

VeChain has officially launched its main network and the first block has been mined successfully. VeChain Mainnet Launches VeChain Thor is a blockchain platform aimed at driving enterprise businesses to use blockchain solutions. The main network launch was preceded by deploying the first authority master node. VeChain utilizes a Proof-of-Authority consensus algorithm, in which approved … Read more

Bitcoin Cash Sees More Infrastructure, Applications, and Protocol Innovation

Over the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a lot of new infrastructure support, applications, and protocol innovation. While everyone has been watching the bearish markets across the digital currency economy, in general, there’s a lot of action happening within the BCH ecosystem that supersedes its current price speculation. Also read: Crypto … Read more