Examining the Blockchain / Crypto Divide Among Officials in China

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently made positive comments about blockchain technology, saying this week that it has “breakthrough applications” for Chinese industry. Reports from the country show that investment in the sector is growing and that blockchain is seen by the establishment as one of the key technologies that will drive innovation in the Chinese … Read more

Crypto Learning Centers and Courses on the Rise in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea

Learning centers, courses, and crypto educational seminars are on the rise in Japan, Thailand, and South Korea. Bitcoin no Madoguchi and Bit Station have opened up to offer guidance to Japanese investors. The Cryptoasset Revolution course and Cryptonist’s seminar are happening soon in Thailand. Meanwhile, Decenter University and Koscom have launched training courses in South … Read more

Canadian Crypto Exchanges Push for Greater Regulatory Clarity

Representatives of Canada’s cryptocurrency industry are urging lawmakers to provide greater clarity regarding the regulatory obligations of cryptocurrency exchanges. In response to the absence of clear guidelines, a number of Canadian virtual currency exchanges have taken it upon themselves to voluntary register and report to Canada’s financial regulator. Also Read: Markets Update: Volume Rankings Report for … Read more