Meet Rumble, the YouTube rival that’s popular with conservatives

Our mission to make business better is fueled by readers like you. To enjoy unlimited access to our journalism, subscribe today. Three months ago, YouTube copycat Rumble was filled with home recordings of people’s family, friends, and pets. But after Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California joined the service in August, other conservatives followed, helping add … Read more

DeepMind’s new protein-folding A.I. is already helping in the fight against COVID-19

Artificial intelligence has just solved one of biology’s most vexing challenges: how to determine the three-dimensional shape of a protein. DeepMind, the London-based A.I. company that is owned by Google-parent Alphabet, has created an A.I. system it calls AlphaFold 2 that uses a protein’s DNA sequence to predict its folded shape, frequently to within an … Read more

Know when to fold ’em: How a company best known for playing games used A.I. to solve one of biology’s greatest mysteries

It is March 13, 2016. Two men, dressed in winter coats and woolen hats to defend against the frigid night air, walk side by side through the crowded streets of downtown Seoul. Locked in animated conversation, they seem oblivious to the pulsating neon enticements of the surrounding dumpling houses and barbecue joints. They are visitors, … Read more

How VCs can avoid another bloodbath as the clean-tech boom 2.0 begins

Last decade’s clean-tech gold rush ended in disaster, wiping out billions in investments and scaring venture capitalists away for years. But a new investment boom is building again, this time around a broader set of climate-related technologies. Funding has soared more than 3,750% since 2013, according to a PwC report this fall, as numerous climate-focused … Read more

Online Lender IN Financial’s Cash-IN-Asia Unit Secures $3.7 Million+ via Round led by DeClout Ventures

Online lender IN Financial through its subsidiary Cash-IN-Asia has secured S$5 million (appr. $3.74 million) in capital via an investment round that was led by Singapore’s VC venture firm DeClout Ventures. IN Financial is a Singapore-headquartered financing platform that’s enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) and… Read More The post Online Lender IN Financial’s Cash-IN-Asia Unit … Read more

How to improve CX without sacrificing security

Social distancing has shifted staff to home working and prompted more widespread use of internet-based resources to deal with a surge in client contacts. This last point has been an ongoing trend for many years, particularly within retail banking, but it is now clear that as society becomes more comfortable with internet-based transactions, the whole … Read more

Facebook’s AI is mistakenly banning some small business’ ads

New York-based businesswoman Ruth Harrigan usually sells her honey and beeswax products in souvenir shops. But with Covid-19 pausing tourism, she’s been almost entirely dependent on Facebook ads to drive online sales. On Nov. 11, this new financial lifeline was abruptly cut when the social media company blocked her HoneyGramz ad account for violating its policies. She … Read more

The email security market is littered with false claims. How to fix it

Today’s crowded email security market has become littered with false claims. I can tell you that firsthand—the company I run competes in this crowded arena. (And as such, I have a financial stake in writing this article.) As a potential buyer, empty promises are incredibly confusing. As a vendor, they’re counterproductive and dishonest—it’s pretty unethical … Read more