‘Security’ Cameras Are Dry Powder for Hackers. Here’s Why

Researchers have long bemoaned the insecurity of certain “security” cameras. Ostensibly installed to deter and thwart intruders, many actually can be transformed into an arsenal that hackers use for Web warfare. The latest cause for concern: A vulnerability that enables hackers to summon a firehose of network traffic from hundreds of thousands of such devices … Read more

Killer robots: why do so many people think they are a good idea? | Stuart Heritage

According to a recent survey, 39% of us aren’t against machines capable of destroying humanity. Surely there are some things we can all agree on Laura Nolan is a modern hero. A former Google software engineer, Nolan resigned from her job last year after being asked to dramatically enhance the artificial intelligence used in US … Read more

Indian Auto Manufacturer Calls for Blockchain Solutions; SEC Accuses ICO Incubator of Violating Securities Laws

Indian auto manufacturing giant Tata Motors has launched its AutoMobility Collaboration Network 2.0, a platform that will help develop a center of AutoMobility innovation via partnerships for new technologies and/or business models. The company is looking for blockchain solutions for automotive, parking marketplace, NLP native chatbot, demand prediction algorithm, real-time monitoring of fuel quality (BSVI) … Read more

The viral selfie app ImageNet Roulette seemed fun – until it called me a racist slur

During a strange week for Asian Americans, the app – which is part of an art project – achieved its aim by underscoring exactly what’s wrong with artificial intelligence How are you supposed to react when a robot calls you a “gook”? At first glance, ImageNet Roulette seems like just another viral selfie app – … Read more

Home Office to fund use of AI to help catch dark web paedophiles

Money will go towards testing tools including voice analysis on child abuse image database Artificial intelligence could be used to help catch paedophiles operating on the dark web, the Home Office has announced. The government has pledged to spend more money on the child abuse image database, which since 2014 has allowed police and other … Read more

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Feed the World

Since the agricultural revolution millennia ago, farmers have worked with their hands. Now, the next agricultural revolution might work with artificial intelligence. That’s the vision of Sara Menker, a former Wall Street trader who left her lucrative job at 29 years old to start Gro Intelligence, a software platform for agricultural data and analytics. The … Read more

ImageNet Roulette Highlights Bias in A.I. See For Yourself

Just like humans, artificial intelligence is guilty of making snap judgments that are biased or inaccurate. A new online tool called ImageNet Roulette was created to highlight the problem by letting anyone share a selfie and then see how A.I. labels them. Some of the results have been spot-on, for instance labeling a platinum blonde … Read more