How the 5G revolution could increase mobile security—and opportunities for hackers

As 5G becomes a bigger part of our lives, security experts warn telecoms deploying 5G networks, companies making products that connect to 5G networks, and end users need to think seriously about security. In a series of interviews with Fortune, security experts said 5G, a new, ultra-fast mobile network technology that can deliver speeds of … Read more

Facing falling enlistment numbers, the U.S. Army takes a new approach to recruitment: Mom and Dad

Gone are the days when the United States Army plastered airwaves with recruitment ads featuring images of young men parachuting out of Apaches, fording streams, and jogging across barren fields over the sober horns of Mark Isham’s “Army Strong.” Today’s Army is taking a different approach: They’re going after Mom and Dad. A series of … Read more

Fiverr Active Buyers Surge 17 Percent

Fiverr reported earnings results that showed continued traction in its core freelancer marketplace, while management pointed to new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered products and international expansion as key drivers moving forward. In terms of headline numbers, revenues of $29.5 million beat consensus by just under $1 million, and were up 42.6 percent. Non-GAAP EPS of 8 … Read more

Newly discovered vulnerability can let hackers impersonate LTE mobile device users, researchers say

German researchers have found a new vulnerability on 4G/LTE mobile devices that could allow hackers to impersonate the phone’s owner.  The bad news: Hackers can run up users’ bills, upload illegal documents under users’ identities, and even intercept unencrypted internet traffic—all due to a gap that’s built into all devices that use LTE service. The … Read more

Why 2020 marks the era of the ‘for all’ leader

When the top leadership at a company inspires everyone on their team to contribute, outperform, and realize their maximum human potential—no matter their title, identity, or experience—it helps that organization become a great place to work for all. That caliber of leadership effectiveness is something that Great Place to Work calls “For All Leadership.” For … Read more

Nanotronics CEO: Small, smart factories will revolutionize manufacturing

Nanotronics could have chosen many traditional locations to construct its new high-tech manufacturing center. Instead, it invested $11 million to rejuvenate a portion of the historic 150-year-old Navy Yard sited in a low-income neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. There, the technology company forged an internship program with Medgar Evers College, and with local high schools, … Read more

Fintech AI Firm MaxDecisions Hires Bernard Guerrero

MaxDecisions, a Fintech A.I. and machine learning analytics company, has hired Bernard Guerrero as Vice President of Decision Sciences to further expand analytical products and offerings. MaxDecisions is an analytical company utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence software to assist specialty financing… Read More The post Fintech AI Firm MaxDecisions Hires Bernard … Read more