BrandPost: Bringing Together AI and HPC to Drive Scientific Breakthroughs

In today’s data centers, a great convergence is under way, bringing together high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence, along with data analytics, in a single system. This convergence makes complete sense, given that these technologies are designed to unlock the value of data, and it’s difficult to reach AI goals without HPC. For a … Read more

BrandPost: Unlocking Business Value: In Telco, AI-driven Solutions are Playing a Key Role

Today’s telecommunications companies operate in an era of constantly connected users. From smartphones to smart cars, the Internet of Things has greatly increased the number of devices connected to communications networks. This expansion is driving telcos to adopt new technologies to simplify and automate processes while reducing costs. And this is where artificial intelligence enters … Read more

Big banks bond with CommonBond for $750m lending spree

New York-based CommonBond has signed $750 million in lending capacity from Goldman Sachs, Citibank, Barclays, BMO, and ING. Take good care of CommonBond Not content with name dropping five famous banks in style, the firm says the financings enable it support the growth of its refinance and in-school student lending businesses. CommonBond has closed over … Read more

TMRW dawns as UOB’s digital bank will debut in Thailand

Singapore-based United Overseas Bank’s (UOB) new digital entity will first land in Thailand with “mobile savvy” millennials firmly in mind. “TMRW will not be a static one-size-fits-all app” As reported in August 2018, UOB outlined its digital bank. The model is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics, user interface design and smartphone … Read more

The Rainforest Alliance Announces Ag-tech Challenge for Developers and Engineers

TechInAfrica – The Rainforest Alliance has announced the Ag-tech Developer Challenge for developers and engineers to find technology-based and innovative solutions to help farmers tackle agricultural challenges. Participants have to prove that their solutions are beneficial to smallholder farmers. There are several challenges facing smallholder farmers, including yields declining, pests, plant disease, and climate change. … Read more

Beyond Capital Fund Announces Its New Investment in Tulaa

TechInAfrica – An investment fund, Beyond Capital Fund along with other investment partners, announces new investment in a Kenyan startup, Tulaa. Tulaa is a platform that combines mobile technology and artificial technology to connects Kenyan farmers, supplier, and buyers. Beyond Capital Fund Announces New Investment in Tulaa First established by Hillary Miller-Wise in 2017, Tulaa … Read more

This Week in Security News: Cloud Risks and Container Vulnerability

Welcome to our weekly roundup, where we share what you need to know about the cybersecurity news and events that happened over the past few days. This week, learn about this year’s current uses and emerging risks of the cloud. Also, find out what new vulnerability was found in containers. Read on:  Attacking Containers and … Read more

Trend Micro Security’s 2019 Release Protects You Better Than Ever Against Ransomware, Coin-mining, Banking, and E-Commerce Threats

2019 has barely gotten started, but by Q4 of 2018 Trend Micro had already seen a 956% increase in coin-mining malware detections for the year-to-date—right alongside the persistent threat of ransomware and online banking and e-commerce hacks designed to steal your identity or your money. Folks can take heart, however, with the latest release of … Read more