Google Employees Call For Pledge Not to Work With ICE

Hundreds of Google employees are calling on the company to pledge it won’t work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It’s the latest in a year full of political and social pushback from the tech giant’s workforce. A group of employees called Googlers for Human Rights posted a public petition urging the … Read more

Google’s Hate Speech Detection A.I. Has a Racial Bias Problem

A Google-created tool that uses artificial intelligence to police hate speech in online comments on sites like the New York Times has become racially biased, according to a new study. The tool, developed by Google and a subsidiary of its parent company, often classified comments written in the African-American vernacular as toxic, researchers from the … Read more

Thomson Reuters launches global regtech competition

Early stage start-ups in the legal, tax and regulatory space are invited to enter Thomson Reuters’ new global regtech competition, reports Jane Connolly. Thomson Reuters is offering its 450,000 global customers and cash prizes Open to seed or Series A majority founder-owned companies with business-to-business models, the competition will give entrants the opportunity to partner … Read more

Microsoft Will Continue Letting Workers Listen to Skype, Cortana Recordings

Microsoft has updated its privacy policy to disclose that human transcribers may listen to recordings of people using its Skype calling service and Cortana virtual assistant. The switch comes in reaction to recent criticism of Microsoft along with Google, Facebook, and Apple for using human transcribers to review audio quality of their voice products and … Read more

Google Employees Demand That the Company Avoids Working for U.S. Border Agencies

Some Google employees called on the company to publicly promise not to work with U.S. immigration authorities, which they said are abusing human rights. U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently said it was looking for proposals from companies to supply it with cloud-computing services. Google is a leading cloud provider. Activists and politicians have accused the agency … Read more

What Is an ‘Inverted Yield Curve’? And Why Is It Being Blamed for the Dow’s 800+ Point Loss?

Alarms were going off in the stock market today. And what pulled the cord was a slight change in the interest rates of Treasurys. Early Wednesday morning, the interest rate on a 2-year Treasury was slightly higher than the interest on a 10-year, an event called a yield curve inversion. By market close, the Dow … Read more

Biz2Credit commits $10m to fintech training initiative

New York-founded online credit resource, Biz2Credit, announced it is committing more than $10 million to a technology training initiative designed to improve employees’ skills in software engineering, AI, data analytics, and IT support. Biz2Credit want to tackle the US shortage of workers with STEM skills Biz2Credit will fund training of 100 of its employees from … Read more

Twitter Crypto Scammers Continue to Fly Under the Company’s Radar 

Over the last two years, cryptocurrency scamming on social media has been prevalent. In January 2019, it was reported that crypto impersonation scams on Twitter raked in millions in cryptocurrencies from people pretending to be well known blockchain personalities. Now a new form of deception can be seen on the platform, as scammers are using … Read more