FairXchange marks United Fintech’s third acquisition in its first year

United Fintech is acquiring London-based trading analytics firm FairXchange for an undisclosed amount. This is the third acquisition for United Fintech as it seeks to build a broad capital markets platform. Deal will have no impact on FairXchange customers The stated aim of United Fintech’s CEO, Christian Frahm, is to become the “one-stop-shop” for big … Read more

Security is everyone’s job in the workplace

Hackers around the globe are smart: they know that it isn’t just good code that helps them break into systems; it’s also about understanding—and preying upon—human behavior. The threat to businesses in the form of cyberattacks is only growing—especially as companies make the shift to embrace hybrid work. But John Scimone, senior vice president and … Read more

Hillary Clinton Warns Cryptocurrency Could Destabilize Nations, Undermine Dollar as World’s Reserve Currency

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has urged nation-states to “start paying greater attention to the rise of cryptocurrency.” She warned that crypto could undermine the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and could destabilize nations. Hillary Clinton Warns Cryptocurrency Poses Risk to US Dollar and Nations’ Stability Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary … Read more

Engineering the future of mobility

From cars to planes, the future of transportation is already here—and is changing rapidly. Software engineering is increasingly central to both the development and maintenance of all kinds of vehicles. That means more people need to start thinking like systems engineers. Dale Tutt, vice president of aerospace and defense industry for Siemens Software, says this … Read more

Wyoming Bank and Trust selects Computer Services for core banking upgrade

Wyoming Bank and Trust has selected fintech solutions provider Computer Services Inc (CSI) for its core banking services. The bank has selected CSI’s NuPoint platform The locally-owned bank has selected CSI’s NuPoint core platform. It says the move will enable it to offer products and services with a focus on customer experience as well as … Read more