How to Avoid Winding Up As Pets for A.I. Robots

A warning: Paul “Pablos” Holman’s vision of the future may alternately inspire or frighten. Speaking at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference on Tuesday, the futurist and inventor gave a condensed history of humankind that highlighted what he described as the essentially positive influences of technology. In the millions of years since hominids first arrived, we have … Read more

Border Patrol Hack Shows How New Technology Makes Law Enforcement a Target

U.S. Customs and Border Protection collects a trove of data about travelers including photos, fingerprints, and details about social media accounts. Officials argue that the information helps prevent terrorists from entering the country, but it also opens the door to a serious problem: Hackers The CBP hammered the point home on Monday by disclosing a … Read more

39% of America’s LGBTQ Youth Considered Suicide in the Past Year: Brainstorm Health

Good afternoon, readers. June is LGBTQ Pride month, a memorial to the Stonewall riots of 1969 and celebration of Americans all across the sexual and gender identity spectrum. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the significant societal discrepancies still faced by these marginalized groups despite progress over the past decade. A massive new survey … Read more

FTSE 250 firms exposed to possible cyber-attacks, report finds

Cybersecurity company says keeping older versions of software online can pose risks The average FTSE 250 company exposes 35 different avenues of attack for would-be hackers, according to a report, despite the vast majority having “serious issues” with keeping business-critical systems up to date. According to the cybersecurity company Rapid7’s report, created by scanning for … Read more

The Cybersecurity Market Is Consolidating—Cyber Saturday

A flurry of deal-making activity has struck the cybersecurity industry. CrowdStrike is preparing for an imminent initial public offering that could value the company at $6 billion. Elastic, maker of a Splunk-like data trawling product, just snapped up Endgame, a CrowdStrike competitor, for a comparatively measly $234 million. Investment firm Insight Partners bought out a … Read more

Rakuten Has Generated ‘North of $40 Million’ From Sponsoring the Golden State Warriors

For a generation of NBA fans, the Golden State Warriors have become synonymous with winning. On the court, sharp-shooting Stephen Curry and co. are currently vying for their fourth championship in five seasons; off it, Golden State has hit on a number of recent business ventures–chief among them, its jersey sponsorship agreement with Japanese e-commerce … Read more

Microsoft Removes Face Recognition Photos Amid Privacy Controversy

Until April, Microsoft boasted of having the largest collection of faces that anyone could use to train facial-recognition algorithms. Since then, the once publicly-available dataset has quietly disappeared. As the Financial Times reports, Microsoft quietly deleted the dataset after the paper called attention to privacy and ethical issues, including use of the dataset by military … Read more