North Korea is funding its weapons program with stolen cryptocurrency

Hacking has become a central strategy for Kim Jong-un’s regime to generate revenue and soften the blow of economic sanctions. A new report from the United Nations, seen by the Associated Press, outlines the considerable breadth of the operation, which it says is being used to fund the development of weapons of mass destruction. The … Read more

XMR Cryptojacking Malware Smominru Updated, Now Targeting User Data

Malware Smominru mines Monero (XMR) on at least half a million infected computers and now also steals sensitive personal data. An updated malware Cybersecurity company Carbon Black claimed that its Threat Analysis Unit “uncovered a secondary component in a well-known cryptomining campaign” in a report published on Aug. 7. According to the firm, the malware … Read more

America Needs Paper-Based Ballots for the 2020 Election—Cyber Saturday

As the United States gears up for next year’s presidential election, concerns over the security of the nation’s voting systems are mounting. One issue that’s absorbing much attention in Washington, D.C., and beyond: whether to require states to use voting machines that produce paper ballots. Proponents of federal legislation mandating the requirement claim it would … Read more

Texas Securities Watchdog Shuts Down Craigslist Crypto Scammer

Authorities in Texas have issued a cease and desist order against an alleged crypto scammer operating on Craigslist. According to an Aug. 7 announcement, the Texas State Securities Board (SSB) enforced an emergency action against New York-based purported investment provider Forex and Bitcoin Trader. The SSB states that this is the fourth such action since … Read more

Chinese cyberhackers ‘blurring line between state power and crime’

Hacking Cybersecurity firm FireEye says ‘aggressive’ APT41 group working for Beijing is also hacking video games to make money APT41 hackers from China have been accused by cybersecurity firm FireEye of both espionage and cybercrime. Photograph: Julien Behal/PA A group of state-sponsored hackers in China ran activities for personal gain at the same time as … Read more

Federal Regulators Visited Amazon Facility To Search Laptops

Investigators from the Federal Reserve carried out an inspection of Amazon’s cloud in April as Washington looks into ways to regulate companies that provide the service. Although the investigation came around at the same time a Seattle woman hacked a database of credit-card issuer Capital One Financial that was stored on the eCommerce giant’s cloud … Read more

The importance of hackers: Analyst Keren Elazari

The development of cyber security is interwoven with the evolution of the hacker community. Keren Elazari, cyber security analyst and senior researcher at the Tel Aviv University Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, educated the world in her 2014 TED talk on the importance of cultivating friendly hackers for the protection of the internet. Today, she researches … Read more

Fraud Experts Raise Concerns That Cap One Hacker Targeted Other Firms

Krebs On Security is reporting that the alleged Capital One hacker may have also targeted and stolen data from other corporations. The website named Paige Thompson, nicknamed Erratic, as the alleged hacker and detailed how she would go on messaging service Slack in a group with other supposed hackers. Krebs on Security joined the group … Read more