Nigeria and Ghana Startups Shine At the 6th Digital African Conference

The hosting of the 6th digital African conference that is known as Africa’s tech Renaissance was successful. Top tech players and dignitaries well attended the event. The third day started with a digital altercation. It featured tech startups from Nigeria and around Africa to showcase their ideas.  The Network of Incubators and Innovators in Nigeria … Read more

Security In A DevOps World

[Originally presented at the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2018, “Security In A DevOps World” examines the challenges and benefits of integrating security technology and thinking into the development process at the early stages. The slides are designed to assist in the presentation of the material but they also might come in handy as … Read more

Extending Trend Micro’s Container Protection with Deep Security Smart Check

DevOps is not a single person or business unit, it is a development philosophy that exists within many organizations. DevOps teams build new applications for business growth, and extend critical monolithic applications into modern architectures. A key tenet of this philosophy uses microservices to make applications lightweight and easier to develop, test, and deploy. InfoSec … Read more

Securing Containers at Scale: Amazon EKS, Amazon ECS and Deep Security Smart Check

Containers present a new opportunity for teams. An opportunity to deploy faster, more consistently, and with a simplicity rarely seen. But in order to make that happen a lot of infrastructure needs to be setup ahead of time. A cluster of hosts for the container runtime, an orchestration layer, and—of course—security throughout. To simplify this … Read more

Six key data strategy considerations for your cloud-native transformation

Many organizations are making the move to cloud-native platforms as their strategy for digital transformation. Cloud native allows companies to deliver fast-responding, user-friendly applications with greater agility. However, the architecture of the data in support of cloud-native transformation is often ignored in the hope that it will take care of itself. With data becoming the … Read more

FCG Secures $89 Million in Its Series C Round Of Funding

Frontier Car Group (FCG) majors in launch, development and operation of used automotive marketplaces. The Berlin-based startup operates across market economies with high growth. FCG startup increases the efficiency of selling and buying used cars through infrastructure improvement, technology, innovative business models, and increasing access to capital. Therefore, it gives all shareholders a chance to … Read more