Three unbeatable security advantages of cloud-based solutions for your business

Cloud-based solutions have never been more popular than ever. Proponents and opponents have their reasons to keep debates fuelled, but small to mid-sized businesses shouldn’t ignore the security benefits cloud can offer. Higher standards Implementing cloud-based solutions for your business is certain to bring a higher standard of security that your in-house IT team or … Read more

Investment marketplace Newchip lands $2m in funding

For its first round of funding, investment marketplace Newchip has closed on a $2 million seed round. Participating in the round are JadeValue Fintech, Yeoman’s Capital, Spunik ATX, Youbi Capital, and Polymath, reports Julie Muhn at Finovate. “We started Newchip with a dream to open up access to investments for both entrepreneurs and investors and now, with the closing … Read more

China’s Latest Government-Backed Crypto Rankings Put EOS 1st, BTC 17th

The second round of China’s state-backed monthly crypto ratings has placed EOS in 1st place, with Ethereum 2nd and Bitcoin 17th. The second round of China’s state-backed monthly ratings of cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects has been released, Cena News reported June 21. Dubbed the “Global Public Chain Technology Evaluation Index,” this latest round was announced … Read more

Tulips, Bubbles, Obituaries: Peering Through the FUD About Crypto

From comparisons to Tulip Mania to outright obituaries, Bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies have battled with FUD from the media. In the short space of nine years, Bitcoin has thrust cryptocurrencies into mainstream consciousness by shaking up the financial world. Since its inception in 2009, the preeminent cryptocurrency has thrown a spanner in the works of … Read more

Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Law, Crypto Banking and ICOs, Interview With Prime Minister

Interview with Adrian Hasler, head of the Liechtenstein’s government about new blockchain regulations, crypto banking and ICOs. Adrian Hasler, the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein, is certain that blockchain technology will have an impact on a variety of areas and is preparing a new blockchain law to provide essential requirements in order to establish a regulatory … Read more

Macroprudential frameworks: experience, prospects and a way forward

Speech by Mr Claudio Borio, Head of the Monetary and Economic Department of the BIS, on the occasion of the Bank’s Annual General Meeting, Basel, 24 June 2018. Macroprudential frameworks have become a key new element of the post-crisis financial reforms designed to ensure financial stability. The major intellectual shift in the conception of risk … Read more

Seize the day to secure sustained growth, BIS says

BIS press release on the presentation of the Annual Economic Report 2018, 24 June 2018. Policymakers can maintain the current economic upswing beyond the short term by tackling structural reforms, rebuilding monetary and fiscal policy space to react to future threats and encouraging prompt implementation of regulatory reforms, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) writes … Read more