IDG Contributor Network: The 4 biggest cultural barriers to corporate innovation

If you’re a regular reader of my column, you’ll know that I write a lot about best practices in corporate innovation and associated strategic themes, techniques and approaches for establishing world-class programs. While we can learn a lot from studying best practices, it’s also helpful – at least once in a while – to study … Read more

Risk Ident keeps watch for fraud over Universum

Anti-fraud solutions provider Risk Ident has teamed up with Universum this week to strengthen risk evaluation capabilities for Universum’s clients, reports Julie Muhn at Finovate. As part of the agreement Universum will leverage Risk Ident’s FRIDA, a self-learning anti-fraud technology. FRIDA automatically analyses individual transactions to establish relationships between transactions and quickly identify fraudulent connections. Retailers’ fraud managers receive an overview of flagged … Read more

Dorsum unveils new wealth management app with AI support

Hungary-based Dorsum has launched a new wealth management mobile app, My Wealth, which helps customers better understand and review their portfolio holdings, as well as make new investments with just a few taps, reports David Penn at Finovate. The app leverages gamification and an education marketplace toolkit to inform customers about basic investment concepts and principles. My Wealth also features a self-learning … Read more

Alphabet dismisses action on diversity and inclusion

Apple, Amazon, and now Google’s parent company, Alphabet — all tech giants whose employees and shareholders are demanding their companies make concrete plans to address the lack of diversity in their workforces. Google is already fighting multiple lawsuits from ex-employees accusing the tech giant of discriminating against women in pay and promotions. Then there was … Read more