Financial repression and bank lending: Evidence from a natural experiment in an emerging market

Since the early 2000s, local-currency debt (mostly traded in domestic markets) became a growing and important source of funding for several governments in emerging market economies. Despite their impressive growth, many domestic sovereign debt markets maintain a captive domestic audience that facilitates direct credit to government. This represents a form of financial repression 1, which … Read more

Four major challenges of adopting cloud business intelligence – and how to overcome them

With nine in 10 sales and marketing teams insisting that cloud-based business intelligence (BI) technology is necessary to the management of their strategies, it’s no wonder that the adoption has exploded in recent years. However, many businesses, especially small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are still lagging behind. BARC’s research study on BI and data management … Read more

Investors Shift their Focus in the African Food and Agribusiness Sectors

According to Africa Private Equity News industry research, food and agribusiness sectors in Africa registered a large equity activity deal in last month. EXEO Capital invested $6.4 million on Capital Fisheries on its Agri-Vie ll project. Capital Fisheries is a food startup that majors in the distribution of fish and various animal protein. The Zambian … Read more