IDG Contributor Network: Oman develops technology fund to invest in global entrepreneurs

Recently, Oman created a $200M+ venture capital fund to spark innovation in Oman and the MENA region. I interviewed the CEO of the Oman Technology Fund – Yousuf Al Harthy – and a member of the Board of Directors – Hanan Askalan. Yousuf and Hanan have extensive technology, government, and business experience. Yousuf was an … Read more

How virtual reality is helping Embry-Riddle transform air crash education

In the past several years, commercially available headsets such as Facebook’s Oculus VR and the HTC Vive have enabled virtual reality (VR) to emerge from the realm of cyberpunk science fiction to become a business opportunity. While VR is often considered through the lens of entertainment and gaming, forward-thinkers in the education sector are focusing … Read more

Motorists ‘are being misled by autonomous driving aids’ – report

Tesla and Nissan among carmakers criticised for setting ‘unrealistic expectations’ The marketing of driving assistance features such as Autopilot, ProPilot and others as “autonomous” is setting unrealistic expectations and causing dangerous driving, according to insurers and vehicle safety researchers. In a report, Thatcham Research and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) say that drivers are … Read more

Financial repression and bank lending: Evidence from a natural experiment in an emerging market

Since the early 2000s, local-currency debt (mostly traded in domestic markets) became a growing and important source of funding for several governments in emerging market economies. Despite their impressive growth, many domestic sovereign debt markets maintain a captive domestic audience that facilitates direct credit to government. This represents a form of financial repression 1, which … Read more