‘After the flood comes rainbows and sunshine’: Bancor’s Guy Benartzi on state of the crypto space

Bancor co-founder Guy Benartzi’s talk at the Ethereal Summit in Tel Aviv on September 15 was straightforward: he wanted to discuss the company’s Year 3 roadmap, and he wanted to share the new creator.eco platform—built on the Bancor protocol—that helps content creators monetize through a staking system. But in a conversation with Modern Consensus, Benartzi’s … Read more

Zk-SNARKs: What are they and how can they protect your privacy?: A talk with Kaleido

Blockchain solution Kaleido, which is backed by ConsenSys, is working on a way to make privacy more of a reality in the enterprise blockchain sphere. While Kaleido made even the traditional financial news headlines last May for its collaboration with Amazon Web Services, the startup’s recent partnership with privacy tech firm QEDIT for zero-knowledge proofs … Read more

How blockchain will ‘eat’ finance: An interview with eToro CEO Yoni Assia

Yoni Assia is quite confident that traditional finance will eventually fully transition over to blockchain—in his oft-repeated words, “it’s going to eat their existing financial systems.” Having begun trading at just 13 years old, the eToro CEO brought the social trading platform into the crypto space in 2010, with a further step towards adoption in … Read more

What Is Quantum Supremacy, and Why Is It Such a Computing Milestone?

Google researchers claim to have achieved a major milestone in computer science known as “quantum supremacy.” Google scientists explain their breakthrough in a research paper, a copy of which was obtained by Fortune, that was briefly posted to a NASA website earlier this week before subsequently being taken down. NASA has been working with Google … Read more