Bison Trails Provides Support for NuCypher Protocol

Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service company, Bison Trails, announced support for the NuCypher network, as well as its permissionless token distribution system, WorkLock, on April 2. According to the announcement, the Libra Association member assured users that anyone would be able to run nodes and participate in the NuCypher network on the Bison Trails platform. NuCypher’s use cases The … Read more

‘Wahoo!’ Australian Taxpayers Alliance Exec Excited to Buy Bitcoin

A top executive from a prominent Australian taxpayer group has publicly endorsed the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by announcing her first ever Bitcoin purchase. Emilie Dye, director of policy at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, or ATA, tweeted on April 1 that she had bought her first Bitcoin: “Today, I made my first Bitcoin purchase. Wahoo!” This … Read more

Crossword and Polymath competitions suspended

The following people are winners of the Monday and Saturday puzzles *** Crossword 16,425: Bill Stewart, Leicester; R Harpur, Herefordshire; Martyn Abbott, Lincolnshire Polymath 1,065: P Johnson, Berwickshire *** Crossword 16,419: Paul Rock, Walden, England; James Simpson, France; Hugh Guilford, Buckinghamshire, England Polymath 1,064: Michael Foottit, London *** Crossword 16,413: James Leaver, Sydney; Ardeshir Dalal, … Read more

$8.5K Then $3K — This Trader’s Bitcoin Price Call Is Playing Out to a T

The Bitcoin price (BTC) has recovered strongly from $5,200 to $7,200 in the past two weeks, despite the declining appetite for high-risk assets including single-stocks and cryptocurrencies.  One prominent trader predicted the entire price movement of Bitcoin since its initial drop from $10,500 to sub-$6,000, and in the medium-term, the digital asset’s trend remains gloomy. … Read more

Merchant Services, Gambling, and Darknets: Coronavirus Economy Stunts Cryptocurrency Spending

A lot has changed since the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe as it has caused a wide range of negative effects on the world’s economy. On March 30, the blockchain surveillance firm Chainalysis published a report that shows how the cryptoconomy is faring from merchant acceptance to gambling, and darknet purchases as well. The researcher’s … Read more

Bitcoin Daily: Binance Acquires CoinMarketCap; SEC Seeks Comment On BSTX Rule Change Proposal

Blockchain company Binance has acquired the CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency data tracking website, according to an announcement. CoinMarketCap, which is a source for digital currency prices and exchange trading volume, will be kept operating as an independent business entity. The announcement noted that the Binance digital currency exchange and its BNB native token are listed on the … Read more

New Tron Partnership Lets Gamers Earn Crypto for Streaming

Refereum, a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for video game engagement and streaming, has partnered with Tron.  The collaboration allows Refereum to pay out its video game streaming users in Tron’s TRX coin, and BitTorrent’s BTT token, said an April 2 statement provided to Cointelegraph.   Partnerships, more partnerships, and purchases Tron bought software company, BitTorrent … Read more