Paypal CEO Admits He Owns Bitcoin

The CEO of Paypal, Daniel Schulman, has revealed in an interview that he personally owns bitcoin. He also talked about Paypal’s plans regarding cryptocurrency, how to achieve mass adoption, and why Paypal decided to leave Facebook’s Libra project. Also read: US to Strictly Enforce Crypto Rules Similar to FATF Guidelines Schulman Owns Bitcoin Daniel Schulman, … Read more

Bloomberg Panel: Bitcoin More Attractive During Times of Global Uncertainty

John Pfeffer, founder of Pfeffer Capital, together with Travis Kling, founder and CIO of Ikigai Asset Management and Charles McGarraugh, head of markets for Blockchain, discussed Bitcoin (BTC) in the context of Brexit, trade wars and geopolitical uncertainty. On Nov. 20, the panel of three sat down for an interview with Bloomberg’s Alastair Marsh at … Read more

With 7,600 Blockchain Patent Applications, Chinese Firms Far Outpace US

Measured by patent applications in the sector, China is handily outpacing other countries including the United States in blockchain technology. On Nov. 20, Japan-based financial newspaper Nikkei reported that Chinese companies submitted around 7,600 applications between 2009 and 2018 — about three times as many as U.S.-based companies. A total of 12,000 blockchain applications According to … Read more

Monero’s Embarrassing Website Hack: What You Need to Know

A user discovered an anomaly Monday in command line interface binaries downloaded from Monero’s website. The Monero community quickly discovered malicious code. One user reported $7,000 missing from their wallet. Users can take steps to verify code before running it, and additional security measures to secure their crypto., the official website of the privacy-focused … Read more