Virtual Currencies to Become “Part of the Economic Practices” of All Nations – CFTC Commissioner

United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner, Rostin Behnam recently gave a speech in which he predicted that “virtual currencies […] will become part of the economic practices of any country.” The CFTC commissioner predicted that cryptocurrencies will have a transformative effect in providing financial services to unbanked populations, and undermine corruption through increasing … Read more

Universities Have Started to Invest in Bitcoin, Start of Institutional Adoption

According to John Lore, the founder of Capital Fund Law Group, academic institutions and universities have started to get involved in the cryptocurrency market, acknowledging the long-term potential of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum. “We’re seeing some academic institutions getting involved on a limited basis for strategic reasons. I can’t say the names of [the … Read more

From hype to reality: Switzerland has progressed into a major global fintech hub

Prof. Dr. Thomas Ankenbrand The Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences conducted its third extensive survey of the Swiss fintech market. The study shows that, thanks to the ideal conditions for the fintech sector, Switzerland has evolved into a major global fintech hub, especially in the fields of … Read more

Vietnam’s Finance Ministry Suggests Banning Imports of Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment

In a gesture that may show poor understanding of crypto generally, the Vietnamese Ministry of Finance has proposed a temporary ban on imports of crypto mining equipment to the country. According to the Hanoi Times, the Ministry gave two reasons for the proposal. First, “The act… Read More The post Vietnam’s Finance Ministry Suggests Banning Imports … Read more

Quebec Halts Crypto Mining Electricity Requests Amid Huge Demand, Forms New Framework

The Quebec government has ordered Hydro-Québec to halt electric power sales to crypto miners, and announced a new framework for this category of electricity consumers. Major Canadian electricity provider Hydro-Québec will temporarily stop processing requests from cryptocurrency miners in order for the company to fulfil its obligations to supply energy to the entire province, according … Read more

Chinese Crypto-Mining Chip Company Bitmain Considers IPO

Bitmain – one of the largest and most established developers of cryptocurrency-mining chips – is considering an IPO, or initial public offering. This could potentially open the company’s books to the public, and allow the stock market to assign the company real-time value. Also Read: American Financial Giant Fidelity Looking to Build Crypto Exchange Join the Bitsonline … Read more

Thailand’s Central Bank Eyes Creating Its Own Digital Currency for Interbank Settlements

Thailand’s central bank considers developing its own digital currency, claiming that it would reduce transaction and validation time and costs. The Bank of Thailand (BoT) is considering issuing its own cryptocurrency, the bank’s governor revealed in a speech June 5. In his keynote on Thai economic development at Nomura Investment Forum Asia (NIFA) in Singapore, … Read more

Estonia Grants Licenses for Wallet and Exchange Services to Coin Metro

It isn’t just Malta that is attracting crypto business these days, other small and fast moving countries on the European continent are joining the action. The latest example comes from Estonia, which recently granted licenses for offering wallet and exchange services to the cryptocurrency trading platform Coin Metro. Also Read: Bitcoin in Brief Thursday: New Tech … Read more