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Enforcement and Surveillance

  • ICOs, Token Sales, Crowdsales Tracker: a curated list of ongoing and upcoming token
    sales, sometimes referred to as ICOs (initial coin offerings) and crowdsales.
  • In the Matter of BTC Trading, Corp and Ethan Burnside, (June 2014), Securities Act of
    1933 (Release No. 9685) (Dec. 8, 2014), Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (Release No.
    73783) (Dec. 8, 2014), Admin Proceeding File No. 3-16307.
    release/2014-273 (Unregistered Securities Offering, Operating an Unregistered Securities
    Exchange and Unregistered Broker Dealer)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission v. Jon T. Montroll and BitFunder, Inc. (US District
    Court for Southern District of New York) (February 2018)
    release/2018-23 (Sale of unregistered securities, operating an unregistered securities exchange,
    misappropriating customer bitcoin and failing to inform investors of cyber attacks.)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission v. Trendon T. Shavers and Bitcoin Savings & Trust
    (US District Court Eastern District of Texas) (July 23, 2013)
    release/2013-132 (Ponzi Scheme – Bitcoin Based Investments offered and old investors paid
    with new investor bitcoin)
  • In the Matter of Munchee, Inc. (Dec. 11, 2107), 1933 Act Release No. 10445, Admin.
    Proceeding File No. 3-18304 (Offering
    unregistered securities to the public – Munchee Phone App for Restaurants – MUN coin).


  • Consumer Protection Bureau’s Project Catalyst: Portal designed for entrepreneurs to
    pitch ideas for consumer-friendly innovation.
  • European Commission’s Fintech Portal: On this site, the EU defines Fintech, and lays
    out its action plan.
  • InvestHK: Hong Kong SAR’s website showcasing financial innovations and startups in
    the region.
  • LabCFTC: the focal point for the CFTC’s efforts to promote responsible financial
    technology (FinTech) innovation and fair competition for the benefit of the American
    public. LabCFTC is designed to be the hub for the agency’s engagement with the
    FinTech innovation community.
  • MAS Regulatory Sandbox: Read updates on Singapore’s regulatory sandbox, widely
    considered one of the most ambitious in the world.
  • OCC Responsible Innovation: go here to see the latest updates from the OCC on their
    mission to support responsible innovation of new or improved financial products,
    services and processes.
  • U.K. Financial Conduct Authorities Project Innovate: Explore the various initiatives
    ongoing in the U.K. to support financial services innovation, including information on the
    FCA’s regulatory sandbox.

Multilateral Standard Setters and Rulemakers

  • Basel Committee Report on Sound Practices: implications of fintech developments for
    banks and bank supervisors.
  • Basel Committee Report on Regulating cryptocurrencies: assessing market reactions.
    Financial Stability Board report on Monitoring of FinTech: a compendium of documents
    produced by body related to fintech.
  • IOSCO Research Report on Financial Technologies (Fintech): An overview of the
    organization’s insights as to the risks, benefits and dimensions of fintech.