Rachel Loko


Rachel Loko – Bio

Rachel Loko is an attorney based in Washington, DC.  A former associate with the international law firm of Shearman & Sterling, Ms. Loko’s work has spanned an array of business and legal matters in government, the nonprofit sector, and Wall Street.  She has also written on a number of cutting edge international issues, including coauthoring a study on credit rating agencies for the edited volume Transnational Financial Regulation After the Crisis (Tony Porter ed., Abingdon, U.K.: Routledge 2014).

Ms. Loko regularly volunteers her time with a number of organizations and nonprofits.  Her activities with the Georgetown University Law Center span nearly a decade, and include a range of lectures for IIEL students covering microfinance, credit rating agencies and the ISDA Master Agreement. Rachel earned a law degree from Vanderbilt University Law School and a Masters Degree in Business Law, with honors, from the University of Paris V.  Among her many achievements include helping to establish one of the first offices of the Grameen Bank Foundation in Uganda.

Ms. Loko has neonative fluency in both French and English.